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Norovirus – Version 2.1

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Norovirus – Version 2.1

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The Sydney strain of the norovirus  is highly infectious and can cause massive diarrhea and projectile vomiting. There is no cure and no vaccine so frequencies can really help. Recently, geoengineering has been spraying norovirus causing chronic diarrhea. As a result the norovirus frequency sets have major updates due to extensive research on the many people with chronic diarrhea.

Current research on COVID-19 has specifically identified the dozens of proteins that enable viral replication. All viruses have this machinery including norovirus. A program called Norovirus Protein Disruptor frequencies has been added to this product. It will disrupt and eliminate most norovirus strains by itself. Those that remain can be eliminated with individual frequency sets in the Norovirus program. This is a significant enhancement to viral frequency sets based an extensive Frequency Research Foundation research that leverages the extensive global virus research generated by COVID-19.

A FAQ document provided describes how to use these frequencies on different Rife devices. They run directly on an F165 frequency generator. A program for coverting these files to Spooky2 files is available on this web site. These frequency sets are provided for experienced researchers who know how to select the right frequencies and run them on their own Rife machines. Inexperienced people should sign up for Photoanalysis.

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